Coconut oil

Coconut oil, also commonly known as coconut butter or just a coconut fat consists mostly of fatty acids – medium- and long-chain ones. For a long time the coconut oil has been known as: a skin moisturiser, a substance that protects hair bulbs, reduces dandruff and generally strengthens the condition of hair giving them a natural elasticity. Half of the ingredients consists of lauric acid (more than a half of the constitution of coconut oil). It’s also a substance which improves the immunity system during autumn-winter period.
Within the human body the lauric acid transforms into monolaurin, which exhibits a strong antiviral, antifungal, antibacterial and pro-health properties. It helps organism to build proper protective barriers, strengthening the immunity system.

Coconut oil – the benefits of using

The coconut oil is formed from the coconut pulp – copra. In addition to lauric acid properties it also contains a lot of natural antioxidants, which protect the body from harmful influence of free radicals – it delays the processes of becoming grey or excessive hair loss. Thanks to systematic use of coconut oil you won’t have to worry about wrinkles in later years.

Coconut oil ingredients

The coconut oil consists of saturated fatty acids (approx. 80-90%): lauric acid, myristic acid, palmitic acid, caprylic acid, decanoic acid, stearic acid, hexanoic acid and unsaturated acids (4-10%): oleic acid, linoleic acid and alpha-linolenic acid.

Coconut oil for hair

The coconut oil has become immensely popular on natural beauty products market. It’s so harmless in fact, that many cosmetic products effectively try to use its natural properties. It shows a strong moisturising properties and is very safe for skin or hair. It helps heal wounds and improves the condition of skin, even in case of skin diseases like eczema, rash, allergy and even dandruff. Women (and long-haired men) can use a natural coconut oil as a serum for hair. It’s the only natural oil that can protect the hair from losing the valuable substances like, for example, proteins, nutrients and microelements needed for a proper hair’s anagen phase process. It goes into the very structure of hair, moisturising and nourishing it. The serum can be used sporadically through oiling the hair or just used regularly before a daily wash.

Why should you use the coconut oil before shampooing?

The coconut oil, when massaged into the hair before shampooing, can stop water from penetrating the hair, preventing the hair cuticle cells from coming off.
This way it can penetrate deeper into the hair cortex, supplying it with nutrition and nourishing it. It also takes care of the hair cuticle, which (when healthy and “tight”) allows hair to regain its natural vitality, elasticity and shine. Moreover the coconut oil nurtures and heals the scalp. Massaging the oil into hair does have an influence on the overall good shape of scalp as well as hair.

Coconut oil as a serum
It works wonders for split ends. Apply a small amount of shampoo or other product with coconut oil extract on moist ends of hair, then comb the hair out and style them as usual. Hair become smooth, they don’t frizz and are much easier to style – very helpful for women with curly hair styles.

Hair care with the coconut oil
The recommended method, patented by bloggers specialising in hair care, is as follows:
Two times a week massage the coconut oil serum with a drop of lemon juice into the moist hair and scalp. Put the plastic bag on your hair and wrap it with a towel. Keep the compress on for half an hour and then wash your hair normally. It’s important to be systematic, so that hair can get a constant, natural lubrication while the minerals and vitamins are not forced out by skin or growing hair.

Natural products containing the coconut oil

Vivese senso duo – an innovative serum which consists of the coconut oil as well as 30 other natural nutrition ingredients. Baikal skullcap, caffeine, extract of soya sprouts and wheat, rose seed oil and many other substances make for an increased growth of strong and healthy hair with extra volume.
Due to the natural origin of majority of products such as Vivese Senso Dueo serum, they get a vote of confidence from millions of women throughout the world.
Independent trichology tests have shown, that only health-promoting products of homogenous composition are worthy of trust, which is proven by numbers.
It turns out, that the most popular products are the ones containing an active formula of coconut or argan oil, the plant seed extracts rich in vitamins and minerals and omega acids of marine origin.
These kinds of shampoos and oils like Herbasetum Complex or Vivese Senso Duo Oil provide 90% of satisfaction when used by women and men. The experts of trychology confirm it in numbers, showing that after a 90-day treatment you can enjoy a decrease of hair loss by 60%. Transforming these numbers into a number of healthy hair, you can count almost 2,000 more healthy hair on your head.

Opinions of women taking part in a study of coconut oil (placebo group):
(Vivese Senso Duo) – “I’ve been using the small tubes of coconut oil, which had to be warmed up before applying. It has actually worked.

(Herbasetum Complex) – “I recommend the coconut oil. I apply it for a night, usually Friday evening, and on Saturday morning I wash my hair. Awesome effects. The hair are lush, there seems to be much more of them. Besides, I’ve really noticed the strengthened hair bulbs. The quality of my hair has improved massively.

(Vivese Senso Duo) – “I’ve been using it for weeks – months even. I apply it on dry hair before shampooing – I put a plastic bag on my hair, wrap it with towel and keep it that way for at least an hour – the longer, the better. The outcome? My fatty hair look good for 1-2 days longer!

Where can I buy coconut oil products?

Among all of the commonly available products offered on the Internet, we provide those highest rated by independent experts from Europe.

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